Family Support & Education

Help For Your Family

Whether in the car, bath, at the dinner table, or being tucked into bed preschoolers are always learning.  For this reason families and carers are their child's primary and most important educators and one of our greatest privileges and responsibilities is to support them in that role. Therefore, we've included here links to various websites that we hope will be helpful to you as a parent or caregiver.  

Contributions to this page from our Preschool community are always welcome.  Simply forward them to the web-administrator via   

Enriching the Environment

Sites with suggestions for songs, creative activities, books, games, etc. to enrich a preschooler's learning experience and environment:  

Ages & Stages

Sites with general information regarding early childhood ie.  typical developmental milestones and parenting issues  


Educational Games

  Fun computer sites for preschoolers  

Government Resources

Available to parents in the Province of British Columbia  

  • BC Nurseline: Confidential health information, advice and referrals from registered nurses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call: 1-866-215-4700 toll-free across B.C.
  • Dial-A-Dietitian: free nutrition information line available in over 130 languages including English, Cantonese, Mandarin and Punjabi. 9am-5pm, Mondays-Fridays.

What's New

Sites providing the latest research and news regarding early childhood care, development and education  

  • 'Centre of Excellence for Early Childhood Development': dedicated to increasing the knowledge of the social and emotional development of young children.
  • South Vancouver Island Family Child Care Association: Provide information regarding quality family child care and its' providers as well as local and national political news relating to the subject of child care.