Our Early Learning Framework

Inspiring Teaching

 The curriculum and methods used by our Preschool are inspired by both the British ‘Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage’ and the more recently developed ‘B.C. Early Learning Framework’. These early childhood educational models guide our staff in keeping our methods ever more fresh, relevant and effective. 

 At the foundation of our programs is the belief is that children are born with a natural desire to learn.  Very young children in particular, who are growing and developing rapidly can be profoundly affected by the types of stimulation and interaction to which they are exposed. For this reason our staff work hard to provide students with carefully selected ideas, materials and activities designed to stimulate all of their interrelated areas of development -physical, emotional, social, intellectual, spiritual and creative.  

 We believe that rich early learning experiences- primarily in the form of ‘play’- best support very young children in the development of the knowledge, skills, understanding and attitudes which will predispose them to a lifetime of learning.  Through play children most easily learn to express, explore and extend their understandings of the world; develop symbolic thought, expression and the basis for mathematical and scientific reasoning; release energy for physical and emotional health; build relationships and develop critical language and social skills. For this reason both adult and child-directed play are a central feature of both our everyday schedule. 

 We also recognize that the quality of a child’s interactions with others is critically important to their overall development. Young children especially need to form warm and meaningful connections with those who care for and work with them. We work to promote healthy relational commitments between students, their families and staff that are based on mutual respect, inclusion and acceptance.

Our staff are well-situated to observe students for developmental challenges as well as progress.  Families can expect that Preschool staff to act as supportive team members should such challenges appear. We are committed to providing a learning environment for children of all abilities and to maintaining close working relationships with community agencies which support children and their families. 

 ​For more information on our program including typical daily schedules, language and literacy emphasis, positive behavioral support methods and other policies, please request a copy of our Parents’ Handbook.